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Pink Powder

"While tracing my own roots, I came upon a discovery which my heart would never know how to rectify. The only child born in our family on August 13, 1925, was a girl named Esther Mae.

Not Louise, the only name I had
known my mother to be called."


We struggled together, me and “Momsie,” as I called her, navigating a cruel world; her trying to hold and isolate me in fear and protection, and me always a degree disconnected in rebellion. During those years, I’m not sure if we could ever truly see the other one completely, yet we both always seemed to be seeking.

Travel with Saundra through decades of trying to rectify and resolve a tormented relationship with her mother, looking back on who they were and who they were meant to be, hoping to see God’s hand in it all. On this amazing discovery, Saundra rewinds and untwines the mysteries of her mom, the disconnect in their love, and the missing piece that rewired a broken past to reveal a beautiful healing.

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