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I am willing to work with your theme or choose from one of the following:

"Karate and the Christian"

Do all you can to grow in Christ.

You need perseverance for both! There’s a lesson we can learn from the rigors of martial arts training that will benefit our Christian growth. Perseverance alone will not grow you in either, one crucial element is needed to move from being a “white belt” Christian to “black belt” Christian!

"Mirror, Mirror - What's Yours Telling You?"

A look at how women often trust the wrong things to determine their worth.

Mirror, mirror on the wall… is what the evil queen in Snow White would ask her magic mirror. Mirrors aren’t magic, but don’t we hear from our mirrors everyday? Mirrors can distort and deceive us. The truth comes from our Creator. Listen to Him. His truth determines our true worth.

Mirror, Mirror - Saundra Woods
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"Lost? Use Your GPS"

Nowadays almost everyone has a GPS in their car or on their phones. Life would be easier if we had a GPS for all of our decisions. Believers do! God’s Positioning System is available through a relationship with Jesus. Tap into His system and let the Holy Spirit guide you!

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Life is richer when we go through it with our friends. Who can you call a “friend”? Some friends are with you for a season, some for the long haul. Life can be a roller coaster! Don’t you want to take the twists and turns with a friend? Friends remain in extremes, never denying support. There is one friend who will remain with you in all circumstances! Jesus Christ! 

"Chocolate in the Blood"

Saundra recalls some of her favorite chocolate treats; the everyday chocolates, the seasonal chocolates and the unattainable chocolates. Unlike those chocolates, Jesus is for everyday, every season and is never out of reach! A chocolate themed talk that will satisfy your craving for joy and peace that chocolate cannot bring.

"In the Master's Hand" - A Four Part Presentation  

A pencil in the hands of a renaissance master like da Vinci can produce what most of us cannot. Imagine what Our Master God can create with you if you place yourself in His loving hands! Like a pencil there are steps to your preparation to be used by Him. This four part talk will visually take you from surrender to the tool God intends you to be so He can create His Masterpiece. And it all begins with Christ! (Ideal for a retreat)

"Fear Less or Faith Full?"

Believers need to understand that faith and fear cannot coexist equally. Can your faith be overflowing and contagious? Is it possible to have the faith of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego displayed as they unflinchingly entered the fiery furnace? I believe that is what God wants us to have!

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