The following is from my FaceBook post of March 22, 2020:

Hello my FaceBook community! This is not a repost, this is from my own slightly skewed mind. I have been thinking about all of the posts and reposts, diversions, prayers, praises and updates. Now most of you don’t see many things from me. And usually when I post something original, it is often long. No one in my family is known for succinctness! So if you hang in to the end, I pray that it wasn’t a total waste of your time. But where were you going anyway?


I know all of my faithful Christian sisters and brothers have quoted a myriad of scriptures of assurance and peace. I agree with them all and you may have some in mind right now that are getting you through this pandemic. This is not more of the same.


I just wanted you, my friends, to know that even if you don’t see a response, a “like” and thumbs up, a heart or any other acknowledgement of your posts, I have seen them. I have prayed for you and your loved ones. I have wished you a “Happy Birthday!”, offered up a praise to God when you have been released from a hospital or celebrated a birth. I have prayed when I heard of job closings and job loss due to COVID-19 or an economic downturn that began prior. 


I have enjoyed many of the diversions, even if I didn’t publicly participate. As my youngest millennial has said, “old people shouldn’t be on FB!” (that’s why he blocked me from his page! That’s right! My boomerang, momma’s boy, blocked me! - but I digress). Sometimes, ok, most of the time I don’t participate in the “copy-paste-change the answers” quizzes because although I have done it in the past, I get tired of asking for help from my boys. Boomers, can you relate? And then there were some, like the “answer the query with a word that begins with the first letter of your last name”, and I couldn’t think of a food that began with “W”. Oh, man, wonton! Just thought of it! Oh, well. 


We are all well. Although the memes circulating speak of true hair colors being revealed, and a COVID-19 baby boom. Neither concern me. However, now that my hubby of 33+ years is home...all day, all day, there is a test going on as to how many “last nerves” we actually have! We will make it to 34 years in June, I’m sure. It just requires inventive social distancing, headphones and a strong internet connection! With only one Blu-Ray player, I have had to go old school with the rom-coms on DVD and let him watch the action movies with explosions on the Blu-Ray! This too shall pass! 


On a spiritual side, let me rephrase that - on a Christian side, as a follower of Christ Jesus, I cannot imagine going through this or any other crisis without the assurance and indwelling of Holy Spirit! I know there are a few readers who may “identify” as spiritual, or Christian and there are some who align themselves with other doctrine. Personally, I am not going to change my views. I am not going to debate theology with you. I will simply say that my personal experiences with Jesus as my Lord and Savior are indisputable. My prayer for everyone in this season is as it was before this. That you encounter Truth in the Person of Jesus Christ. That you find the Prince of Peace is more than able to calm your concerns and meet your needs. Needs. There is no way this world will become what it was designed to be without Him. Do not expect everything to be perfect here. I saw a sermon that encouraged believers to do three things: Accept the reality of the situation; Align yourself with God and Anchor yourself in who you are in God and His Truth. You can live with the Hope that has been promised when you know God. The God of the Bible. (not politically correct, but I don’t care. I am guided by Truth. And despite what some “scholars” say, there is absolute truth...right and wrong is not subjective. It is laid out in black and white and RED by the Creator). Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life! 


May this crisis, cause you to search for Truth if you do not know Him, and draw closer if you do. Use this time you have been given. One day it will be too late. Cheery? No, TRUTH. (I’m not yelling, it’s in caps because of Who He is!)


The full text is found at John 14:5-7.

“Thomas said to him, “Lord, we don’t know where you are going, so how can we know the way?” Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you really know me, you will know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.”

NIV emphasis added.

Peace to you all! 















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